233 Main Ave. Passaic, NJ 07055

Dessert ?

Jerusalem Pizza

233 Main Ave.   |   Passaic, NJ 07055    |    973-778-0960

233 Main Ave.   |   Passaic, NJ 07055    |    973-778-0960

Under the Supervision of Passaic - Clifton Kashrus

& Rabbi Yisroel Pinchas

Halevy Gornish

Like it HOT?

Try our vegetarian chili bean pizza

hungry? What are you waiting for?



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Be sure to stop in and ask for our home-made, 'Tadmore' Hot-Sauce - bottled and ready for you to bring home!

- Kosher

- Cholov Yisroel

- Yoshon

- Delicious!!

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BRING home

the heat!

Jerusalem Pizza

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Proudly serving

We've been making our own

House-Special Pizza Sauce

Since 1987! Come try it for yourself!


monday night Special!!

Buy one pizza pie,


Get One French fries

& 2 Sodas, FREE!

Monday nights

SINCE 1987